Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 7, 2012

It’s different when you are an adult

It’s different when you are an adult… As a kid you go to Sleep-away camp and everything is taken care of for you, you don’t have to clean or pick up the branches that fell in the storm and after your time at the camp is over you go home with no worries… and next year when you come back you know that it will all be there, just the way you left it… But it’s different when you are an adult…
Sometimes you need to actually get something you always thought you wanted to realize how much you never really needed it. That’s how I feel about a country house I just sold. I always dreamed of that quaint little place in the country. The one with the white picket fence that’s just a short bike ride from a cute little general store. Or the country house that has the sprawling backyard that rolls right into a cyrstal clear New England lake with a couple of canoes tied to an overhanging tree limb. Guess what? I had them both. Granted at different times in my life and in different states but the theme was the same. They were nothing but a huge pain.

You arrive in the country house and are greeted by a gauntlet of cobwebs, dried up bugs, dust and dirt and end up spending the first few hours cleaning just enough so you can sleep. You wake up to the chores that await you outside–the tree limbs that fell, the weeds that have grown into the walkway bricks, the gopher holes, the raccoons that did a number on the trash, the squirrels that are trying relentlessly to get into the attic. You get the idea. Then its time to call the guy to check on the quality of the well water or is it the guy who has to check on the septic system??

Are we having fun yet? Has the fun started because if it has I’m not sure I’m experiencing it. By the way, have I added the mortgage payments, insurance premiums, real estate taxes and utility bills to the mix? Try the heating bills that go into keeping the pipes from freezing. You get the idea? And with all that money going out, talk about the pressure you feel to use the place. If the kids want to hang at home for a weekend I end up getting mad that we’re not using our country place.

So what was the best thing about our places in the country? The day of the closings when I signed over the deeds and changed the utilities out of my name. Now if we want to go to the country, we make a couple of calls and book a great country inn.


  1. I agree! Being a kid was so much easier! But it never seemed that way at the time

  2. Absolutely! everything is different when you are an adult. And it isn’t always the good different either.

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