Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | April 23, 2013

Getting ready for Sleep-away camp

With summer camp only a couple of months away, I am doing a mental countdown on how many more lunches and dinners I have to prepare. Lunches–not so bad, 15 minutes tops. But dinners — oh how I hate those. Remembering to take the meat out the night before, the preparation, the cooking, the mess, the dishes, the complaints form the kids. I will miss no part of that. I will miss my boys but I will not miss one aspect of cooking. I plan on letting my fridge go empty and stay that way for the entire month of July while my kids are away at sleep away camp. No food shopping, no cooking, no dishes and no dishwasher. I will survive on yogurt, fruit and pretzels…and oh yeah, lots of eating out. And the kids….well, sorry…they’ll have to make do with camp food. Maybe they’ll complain just a little bit less about my cooking when they get back.

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