Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | May 12, 2013

Summer Sleep Away Camp clothes

I love when the camps send the parents the clothing list. If this wasn’t my umpteenth summer of sending my kids away I might actually consider buying all that stuff. Four pajamas, three pillow cases, eight bathing suits, two ponchos (who the heck still wears ponchos??), a couple of nice outfits for the banquet. The list goes on and on. Stop. Think about it for a minute. This is sleep-away camp–the arch enemy of new clothing. Once the clothes go in the camp laundry service there’s only two routes they come back by–lost forever in camp clothing never never land or if you’re lucky (or unlucky, however you view it) the clothes do actually find their way back to your camper but now the whites are pink, they’ve shrunk two sizes and they’re wrinkled beyond recognition. Given this fact, you want to send your kid to camp with his worst clothes. Nothing new, just the worst stuff in his closet. Let the camp laundry service lose it, let it come back pink and crumpled—who cares. Heck, don’t even bother sewing name labels into the clothes.


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