Posted by: Ofer Aronskind | August 2, 2014

Visiting My Kids at Camp

So I eagerly await visiting day at my boys’ camp. I gather up all their junk food requests (gummy bears, doritos, sour patch kids…all the basic food groups) and head up north to visit them. I greet them with outstretched arms…in return I get lukewarm receptions (hey, their 14…it’s not cool to show emotion…especially in front of their bunkmates) and a reminder…”did you get what we asked for?” Yes I tell them as they peel me off them and squirm away from my bear hug.

We walk around camp and they grudgingly introduce me to their counselors and friends. I get the distinct impression they’re not in love with what I’m wearing (my shorts or shirt or something…maybe its my open-toe sandals, who knows??)…maybe I embarrass them. They tell me they want to be taken out of camp so I sign them out and we head into town for pizza. While there we also pick up some stuff they need at the Rite Aid … lots of deodorant and colgnes…God knows whats going on in that camp after hours. We also pick up a pair of haircut scissors because they want me to give them trims (if I may say so myself…I do a pretty good job). Back in camp we find a quiet spot, set up a chair and mirror, they wrap towels around them and I give them each a haricut. People are walking by and pointing (maybe even laughing). But the joke’s on them because I’m also getting requests from parents and grandparents if I could cut their kids’ hair. I respectfully decline but make sure to point out my talents to my kids.

We then go to the camp office so I can sign them up for next summer (and get the early bird discount, of course) …. so we can do it all again. The ride home is bittersweet but relaxing…..ahhh the joys of summer camp.

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